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LHCO  Employment services is a division of "Loving Hands Ministry of Jesus Christ, Inc." a Non-profit 501(C)3 Organization

Meet The Team

Jacques B. Is the President and CEO of Loving Hands Ministry of Jesus Christ. He is also the Program Director and Employment Consultant for LHCO with over 30 years of experience in the employment industry. Jacques Has a BS in Theology and Human Resources Management. He worked for the Haitian Catholic Center in Miami as the Program Manager, and he worked for RBHS & RCI employment Services for over 10 years.




Mireille (Mimi) J. is the HR Manager, Trainer, and an Employment Consultant for over 5 year in the employment field. Mimi has BS in Business Management. Mimi worked as a teacher for Seacoast Christian Academy, and she also worked for the Florida Baptist Convention as an assistant in charge of over 350 Haitian Church in South Florida.                                                            
Lina T. is an Employment Consultant with LHCO. She  holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services from the University of Phoenix.  Her areas of expertise include Spanish Medical and Community Interpreting services, case management, and vocational services.  She works to provide individualized, solution oriented strategies to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds achieve and sustain employment success. Lina's goal is to facilitate program services, resources, and maximize quality assurance with integrity, empathy, and respect.



Michael (Mike) B. is the Office Assistant with one year experience in employment in the field. Michael is currently attending college, and pursuing a degree in accounting.
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