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Statement of Purpose


Mission Statement

To be a vessel through which the rivers of life will flow through anyone's life who sincerely and truthfully desires it.  To work hands-in-hand with local churches, ministries, and community organizations to fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION, and to reach as many people as possible with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Vision Statement

To be a source of blessings:: physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, and spiritually to anyone who crosses our path, and to teach the word in a way that is easily understood and applied.


Goal Statement

To reach as many people as possible with the Living and powerful word of God, and to bring them all at the feet of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Value Statement

The Loving Hands Ministry of Jesus Christ values:

  1. Biblical Truth

  2. Ethical conduct in leadership

  3. Cooperation, alliances and partnerships

  4. Excellence as a standard

  5. The integrity of its employees  

  6. Missionary efforts on international level

  7. Jesus' model of bondservant

Statements approved by the Board of on September 10, 1999, to guide the Loving Hands Ministry of Jesus Christ.

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