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Vocational Services

LHCO Employment Services  provides businesses with competent, motivated  employees.

1.  Our services are designed to assist individuals in finding, obtaining and maintaining employment.  These services include a careful matching of worker abilities to job requirements. The Applicants work closely with the Employment Specialists to obtain suitable competitive employment.  the Employment Specialist also acts as a liaison with the employer.

2. Our experience Employment Specialists / Job Coaches will provide support to ensure the new employee consistently performs the job duties according to the employers expectations.  In some cases we may be available to assist with on the job training, and provide Assistance with resumes, job applications, job development, and job carving. We also encouragement support and even assist in arranging transportation as necessary.    

3. LHCO  Employment Specialists provide follow up services, and bus training depending on the needs of the individual.



· Pre-placement Training

· Employment Services

· Supported Employment

· Job Placement Assistance

·  Resume Assistance

· Job Readiness/ Employability Skills

· On the job training & support

· Follow up support & intervention

· Outreach Program

· Vocational Support Counseling



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